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It’s time to stop dismissing Chinese phones as knockoffs. We’ve all seen the endless parade of iPhone clones, yes, but over the past couple of years, manufacturers from China have stepped up their game in a big way, turning out devices that are innovative, attractive, and straight-up desirable in their own right. If you don’t think there’s any reason to pay attention to Chinese phones, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention.

确实相当热血的一段话,说中国 Phone step up their game 了,变得 innovative 了,下面榜单是 Top 8 Chinese phones

结果榜单里有小米 8——一款从头到脚抄袭 iPhone X 的产品。

回顾 the verge 对国产厂商的报道,有「mate x 虽然抄袭 MacBook Pro,但我们觉得没问题」还有「P20 还没开机我就爱上了它」,还有本文。

没错,the verge 在 2018 年确实收钱收得厉害。

Source: The top 8 Chinese phones – The Verge

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